Welcome to Solar Balloon Tracking by DofTNet. You can use this site to register your solar balloons and print tracking tags that can be attached to balloons so that if they are found, their location can be reported.

Solar balloons are a type of hot air balloon where the energy to heat the air inside the ballon comes from sunlight. Many different types of solar balloons have been made, even a few that could carry passengers. This site has been set up to allow tracking of home made unmanned soler balloons. These are typically made of some thin dark plastic such as trash bags. Once filled, the sun heats the dark plastic which heats the air inside causing the balloon to rise. As long as there is sunlight, the balloon will continue to fly.

When you register your balloon, a tracking tag will be generated that you can print out and attach to your balloon. Scan the code or go to the launch report page for your balloon to report the date, time, and location of the launch. If the balloon is found, the person who finds it can scan the code or go to the recovery report page for the balloon and report the date, time, and location where it was found. If you are a registerd user and have contact information on file, you can be notified when your balloons are found without having to include your own contact information on the tracking tag.

Is it legal? Well.. I am not a legal expert. To start off, you should read the Federal Aviation Regulations, Section 101. The way I understand it, it looks like you only have to worry if your balloon is carrying a payload weighing more than 4 pounds. Also, do not release near airports or other restricted air space or in any other manner that could be considered unsafe. Strictly speaking, you could be held responsible for any damage that occurrs because of a balloon you release. These are some things to keep in mind. Proceed at your own risk.

Find out more about solar balloons at the DofTNet Solar Balloon page. If you have questions, comments, or other feedback, you can visit DofTNet on Facebook or Google+.